Couponing Codes – A Guide For Beginners

Shopping has been the all-time favorite and fantasied activity among all groups of people of all ages. It has never been a boring task and with the growing interest and innovations, the consumerist behavior of people has been going the “buy more way” that causes a steep growth rate in the trade sector. Not only has the urge to purchase increased among the customers but also the need to make use of various discounts through coupon codes and other offers that are floated in the market from time to time.

There are hundreds of discount coupons and way through which you can get incredible benefits on https://7coupons.in/store/yatra/, however the awareness about to how to find them, how to collect them, how to store them and how to use them wisely is not fully spread among shoppers. So for those types of people, this basic guide as to how to go about with handling these coupons will be of immense help.

  • Finding Coupons:

There are a lot of coupons that are floating in the market but how do you get them? You can get them in either of these ways:

  • Do a thorough check of the newspapers, especially the weekend ones. The more newspapers you search, the higher are the chances of getting more number of coupons.

  • Collect unused coupons from family and friends, so that you could use them to their benefit.

  • Do some online research, because there are a lot of websites those that provide shopping and discount coupons, from where you can either take a printout or use a virtual copy as well.

  • Also there are a lot of coupons that the stores offer to walk in customers during billing process.

  • Know How to organize:

It is not just enough if you collect coupons in all ways possible, it is more important that you organize them in an effective manner. If they are not organized properly there are high chances of the coupons getting expired or not used at the right place. There are a lot of simple yet powerful ways to sort your coupons that include:

  • Coupon box – This can be used to put in all your coupons in respective compartments. For e.g. Grocery coupons in grocery box, clothing coupons in clothing coupon box and so on. This way you could make sure that you carry the required coupons as you go shopping for that particular product.

  • File it using a coupon binder so that you can clip all your coupons in a file, which can be carried around easily for timely use.

  • Simply put it in envelops that are marked with respective types of the coupons in it. This is also easy to sort out and carry around.

  • Also make sure that you organize your coupons based on the expiry dates, to avoid the coupons going useless.

  • Know about the coupons you hold and the related store’s policy:

Different stores would have different types of policies with regards to their coupons and the discount offers. It is very important to understand the terms and conditions attached to the coupons you carry. For e.g. some coupons might have a restriction on their validity only while they purchase a particular brand of products and some others will have a condition attached to them stating that they are valid only on minimum purchase of a certain amount.

  • Look out for inaugural and loyalty offers, where you get your value of the coupons doubled or tripled. These types of coupons are often known as double or triple coupons. So search for stores offering such type of coupons so that you can save more.


  • There are some stores that will allow the usage of one coupon provided by the store and one from the manufacturer.

  • Also Check if that particular store that you are going to purchase accepts printed coupons or virtual coupons.


  • Also check out for coupons from competitor companies so that you could get the best offers.