About Our Company

We are a company who understand the varying needs and preferences of customers and we also keep up our standards by offering them with the best discount codes and shopping codes for shopping with us. Though we offer the best products at competitive prices, the discounts and other offers that are attached to them are the ones, which attract more number of customers to us. We realize this and hence couple our offers with something interesting and inviting.

Our coupons are so designed that it will attract shoppers from all age groups. Our being a multi branded clothing &accessory store, we provide various coupons for respective brands. We also club store coupons with discount coupons provided by individual brands as well, this gives an added benefit to our customers and this makes them coming back to us.


We also see to that the coupons get evenly distributed and use a variety of modes through which these coupons are disbursed to the public. We segregate coupons according to a preset percentage that will be allocated to magazines, Sunday newspapers, direct walk-ins and the like. This way we make sure that all classes of people get the benefit of the coupons and gets inspired and encouraged to shop with us.


Our loyalty programs and special offers make even a mere visitor a loyal customer to our shop. Our offers and rewards are too wide that the customer is actually overwhelmed and is delighted indeed. We also make sure that there is a maximum amount that can be got as a discount per time depending upon the total purchase volume. This is to ensure genuine discount code redemption takes place and also to make sure that all the customers gets benefited in a uniform manner.